Project Management

So much to do, so little time! Budget cuts have many of us overloaded and understaffed while great projects continue to pour through door. Utilize our Project Management service for small or large loads. Let us finish up that project that has been idle for too long or take on that new project. Maybe your group has a project, but needs one coordinator who can get the job done – hire us to be your “staff” for the project.

  • Coordination, i.e. Coordinate an event, Gather information
  • Compile reports
  • Data entry/analysis
  • Implement a project – we will take care of it all and send you the report at the end.
  • Project development – have an idea? Let us help you make it happen.
  • Project Management can cover a wide range of needs. Ask us how we can help you!

Strategic Planning

Strategy and focused effort is what it takes for your project to achieve its goals. Take your ideas and plot them on the map to success with mission, goals and action plans and get the work done faster and more efficiently. We can build your first strategic plan, or update and refresh a current plan.

Has your group lost focus, gained new membership or lost membership? Become overloaded and diversified? Do you need an energy refresh? Would like to begin fundraising, but need to prepare your groups intentions on paper? Spend less time meeting and more time doing with a plan!

Strategic planning includes:

  • assessment of your current status and resources
  • survey of members
  • facilitation of group meeting to establish your mission, goals and action plans
  • written strategic plan for your group
  • advisement on how to implement & care for your plan.

Strategic planning is an important step for any community organization, project, group or individuals. Sessions are developed to fit your needs.

Outreach and Education

Outreach and education is a great way to get the word out about your work, and increasingly more common to be either required or heavily encouraged for projects. Anyone can do outreach, but developing fun and effective outreach for adults and/or children is critical to your message and can be challenging and time consuming.

Develop a seminar series, school lessons, classroom visits, booth activities, field visits. Use our service to reach outlets you otherwise would have missed! Let us develop your work and you implement it, or let us implement it. Outreach and education can be fun, expressive – the options are limitless. We will work with you and your needs!

Grant Writing

Grant writing is quickly becoming the primary way to get any work done – projects compete and the best projects get funded. Too often good ideas go unfunded. Use our grant writing service to get your project off the ground.

We can help you develop the ground work for a fundraising plan, research funding opportunities and write proposals. When your project is funded, consider utilizing our Project Management service to get the project done on time.